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Artist of the Week: Can Pekdemir


“To begin any work of art is a tremendous act of violence, if the Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke is to be believed. In Pekdemir’s creative process, he finds the hardest part comes just one step before, while the final image is just a distant dream and the initial thought is still embryonic. ‘The biggest struggle is to be satisfied with the idea you are coming up with, not with the final visual output,’”

Can Pekdemir is the hot, new thing on the Turkish art scene (not a scene that is hard to be named hottest or newest..) He is a master of blurring the lines between sculpture, photography and 3D media. While it may seem as though his bizarre works of art are photographs from a Dr. Seuss zoo, do not be fooled, they are all digitally created in his studio.

Pekdemir explores the boundaries between dimensions, the virtual and physical worlds, and he does so with much success. We as viewers have come to accept photography as a medium that captures a millisecond of reality, of truth. So, when he throws in distorted and discombobulated human-like figures into the mix, and presents them as framed printouts, we are put off balance. He has achieved exactly what modern art should, he makes the viewer question everything they know, and dream about what is not yet possible.

Following this thread, Pekdemir is looking towards the future where he wants to overcome the limitations of 2D and 3D work. Using new methods of 3D printing he is planning an interactive exhibition where the viewer can view any work from every angle, even moving it about if they wish.

Pekdemir alters our ideas of visuality in the three dimensional form by showing us that what is represented as reality can be a rather more profound discourse of what is not there.

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