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My Second Hand Wardrobe

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Out with the new in the old. Recently, I made the decision to only buy clothing second hand and I must admit it has turned out to be a great test of my thriftiness and actually resulted in a lot more shopping than usual! (Sorry, wallet.)

So, here’s the why. First of all, it is so much cheaper to buy second hand. Sure, sometimes your ‘new’ addition to your wardrobe might have a little wear and tear but hey, if it saves me a few pennies here and there I don’t mind! Plus, you get to rock that cool vintage thing that seems to be very trendy at the moment. Secondly, you don’t contribute to the ever-growing use of slave labour in popular high street shops and you reduce the huge amount of waste that we create. Double points.

Here’s how. My favourite places to shop second hand are Oxfam, the British Red Cross and other charity shops, vintage shops (which can be a bit more pricey) such as BS8 in Bristol or Farah in Islington. Last but not least, leading by a mile is the app Depop. With a similar layout to Instagram you can follow, like and buy a HUGE range of previously loved clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories, homeware and everything in between.

Why not take on the challenge and go second hand savvy?

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