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Year Abroad: Day 2&3

On Wednesday I woke up early and ate breakfast on my balcony in the already scorching heat before I left for work. Okay, a bowl of cereal and water is not the most Italian of breakfasts – but hey, I only got here on Tuesday so the cupboards are bare (my worst nightmare!).

A special mention here for the Italian transport system. The way to overcome the horrendously late, cancelled, full and malfunctioning public transport here is to never be in a rush for anything. Simple right? On reading that the buses to my work run every 4 minutes I was very content to stand in the sun and catch a few rays while I wait. 4 minutes very, very slowly turned into 40 by which time standing in the sun had left a puddle version of myself standing at the side of the road. All this while Italians stood near me in jeans and jackets.

A three hour introduction from my boss about the job and my tasks later – all in Italian – my brain was full to the brim and I needed food. My biggest question I have so far is how the Italian people are able to make spaghetti with a simple tomato sauce the most amazing meal that I have had in a long time??


Today started off much slower with the fun task of going down to the Tax Office, a mere 50 minute Metro ride away, and collecting my Codice Fiscale. On receiving a ticket number from a very bemused Italian woman behind a grey desk backlit with the classically depressing fluorescent light my housemates and I joined the crowd of people waiting for their number to come up. 4 hours later we left the office.

As a reward we took the tram down the river to Trastevere, near the Vatican, for lunch. A Peroni and a thin-crust pizza made us forget all the horrors of the tax office.

A simple, yet very effective cure for anything.

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