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Year Abroad: Day 4&5

After a very long morning of waiting over 50 minutes for a bus to work in the blazing Italian sun I arrived at Piazza del Popolo very sweaty and not at all ready for work. The work itself went very well and my boss gave me a ticket to the Milan Expo as a thank you – a fantastic excuse to return to Milan and gawk at some gorgeous artwork… A history of art student’s dream come true!

The day got better from there after meeting up with friends for dinner at Da Baffetto (a famous Roman pizza restaurant renowned for their 5-star food but is also accompanied by appalling customer service that you just have to take with a pinch of salt) and after dinner gelato in Piazza Navona admiring La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Yesterday my housemates and I decided to take the train out to the little beach town of Ostia and make the most of the weather before it turns.. Ha! After an hour on the train we were walking along the coastline. This walking carried on for another hour in the sun before we realised that we should have in fact taken the bus which was waiting outside the train station. The majority of the beach is privately owned by companies just waiting to rip you off by forcing you to pay for an entry fee, a sunbed, and a locker. Finally we made it to the ‘spiaggia gratuita’ where we remained for the majority of the day. The proof is definitely reflected in my poor bright pink face which later prompted an Italian to ask me if the ‘sun had hurt me’. Yes. Yes it did.

The evening was filled with an enormous pot of pasta for all four of us and vino bianco. We also attended our first and probably last erasmus club night out. Let’s just say sweat and pervy men don’t make for the best combination.

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