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Top Tips For Picking Up A New Language

If you have just moved to a new country and want to pick up on the local lingo or if you just fancy impressing your friends and boss with a new skill set, here are some tips on how to pick up and stick with a new language:

Have a goal in mind.

Know what you want to do with this new language, whether it be for work or pleasure. Set yourself                 goals and aim to achieve them, otherwise it will seem like an impossible task.

Find a friend to practice with.

If you find a friend, sibling or even meet someone new who wants to learn with you, it will help to keep you motivated and a little healthy competition can make it a lot easier.

Talk to yourself. No, really.

As weird as it may sound, talking to yourself on a long walk or while you’re doing the dishes can be very effective way of practicing what you have learnt.

Down drown in grammar.

While it is important in learning any language, grammar can become irrelevant. Keep your language practical by practicing conversational phrases and learning terms about subjects you enjoy discussing (eg. sports, politics, art)

Watch TV and film.

Listening to another language helps your brain to familiarise itself with the sounds and eventually you will be able to connect meaning to them. But for the meantime, try watching your favourite TV shows in your new language.

Leave your comfort zone and get involved.

You’ll make mistakes and it’ll be scary at first, but don’t worry – people will appreciate you trying and help you along.

Here are some websites and apps to help get you started:






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