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Emotional First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit are a breath of Swedish fresh air. A female duo who’s lyrics reach far beyond their young years. Klara Söderberg, lead guitarist and vocalist, and her sister Joanna who also sings and plays the keyboard are 22 and 25 years old respectively.

It’s hard to imagine that two such young woman could have this level of depth and soul in their music. Their lyrics are unapologetic and raw, they are emotionally staggering in a way usually coveted by artists such as Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone.

It is hard to believe that This Old Routine and You’re Not Coming Home Tonight are written by two women as young as themselves. You would easily believe that their portrayal of marriage, dejection and regret had been written by someone much older, such is the powerful realism and truth behind their words.

These women write achingly emotional lyrics sang over raw naked acoustics – soft, beautiful and uniquely their own.

My Silver Lining is upbeat and melodic but does not spare us any emotions. A lyrical journey of struggle, survival and choosing who and what we need to be. “I won’t take the easy road” is the perfect lyric to summarise this song and their struggle.

This duo are bringing new life to Indie Folk music, to beautifully written poetic lyrics and honest acoustic singing. There are no synthesisers or base lines to hide behind just honest talent and passion, rare to find these days. First Aid Kit are a blessing to the music industry.

Check out their most recent album Stay Gold on Spotify and YouTube now

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