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Naples: The Dos and Don’ts

The past weekend for me was an absolute whirlwind of travel, sightseeing and confused map reading. On Friday a few friends and I set off on the fast train from Rome to Naples, already with a jam packed itinerary ahead of us to see Pompeii and Sorrento all before sunrise on Sunday. If you are heading down to the beautiful South-West coast of Italy anytime soon, here are some definitive dos and don’ts for your trip…

Don’t linger for too long in crowded public spaces whilst looking for directions as it draws attention to the many lurking pickpockets who are probably the most skilled in their profession.

Do get public transport or a registered taxi if needing to get somewhere after dark.

Don’t expect anyone to be eating their dinner (or ‘tea’ if you’re British) anytime before 10.30 at night. Italians eat late and stay up even later partying.

Don’t expect a wide range of meals, as the main source of energy for Neapolitan people seems to be pizza. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

On that note, Do bring snacks with you if you have any tricky dietary requirements as they will think you are asking for a steaming plate of poo when you inquire if they have ‘gluten free’ or ‘vegan’ alternatives.

Do your research if you are going to make the (very worthwhile) trip down to Pompeii or Herculaneum. Once you know the history behind these devastated towns it will make it all the more poignant for you.

Don’t be surprised as to how much limoncello they sell in the South. Especially in Sorrento, the home of the citrusy liquor, every second shop is dedicated solely to the lemon.

Do soak up the gorgeous coastal views and make sure to be friendly to the locals because you know.. what comes around goes around!

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