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From ‘The Daily Show’ to Life on the Farm

“If everyone did a bit more, if they fell in love a little bit more, so much could happen”

Jon Stewart, former longtime host of the popular, satirical news show The Daily Show, and his wife Tracey have left their comfortable life in New York City and headed for greener pastures where they now run an animal rescue farm.

The theme from “Green Acres,” the sitcom about a family leaving New York for farm life, is a perfect fit for the Stewart family. They did just that, sharing their home with four dogs, two pigs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, one bird and two fish… and if everything goes according to plan over the next few months, the family’s 12-acre tract of land in Middletown, New Jersey, will soon be home to dozens of rescue cows, sheep, turkeys, goats and other animals.


Stewart’s wife Tracey, a former veterinary technician and animal advocate, is out with her first book, Do Unto Animals, a guide to understanding animals and treating them with respect. The book, filled with beautiful illustrations allows us “insights into the secret lives of animals and the kindest ways to live with and alongside them.” Containing chapters such as Be Nice to the Bugs and lines like ‘Mosquitoes love me, so I love bats‘ in her book, you know she is means business. She is prepared not only to stand up for the injustices that occur on a daily basis in factory farms or abusive puppy mills, but also for the smaller often looked over creatures that share our planet.


Tracey says, “You know, I feel so good about eating vegan, so for me…it makes me [feel] really good about myself. Now, that might not be the case for everyone.”

“If everyone did a bit more, if they fell in love a little bit more, so much could happen,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be going vegan. You can advocate for them. You can show tenderness. You can play music for them. I really hope people can connect with animals the way most of us did as children.”

The couple eventually plan on opening Bufflehead Farm to the public, but by appointment only to start. For Mrs. Stewart, educating about what they’re trying to do at the sanctuary will be a big part of that outreach. “Our hope is to get a lot of school groups in,” she added.

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