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Why Makeup Shouldn’t Make Up Who We Are

Why do I wake up each morning and apply thick foundation and concealer to my face? To contour my cheekbones and make sure my eyebrows are ‘on point’? Why do I apply black eyeliner and mascara that is near impossible to remove? Why do I cover up and conceal and change myself?

I’m sure if you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve heard girls say they feel ‘naked’ without their make up. Or that they would ‘never dream of leaving the house without makeup on’. Why are we so afraid to look the way that we do?

For centuries women have been altering the way that they look to be more ‘beautiful’. But, what is beauty if not an amalgamation of unrealistic standards and sexualisations of our bodies. Making ourselves more attractive for men so that we may find a mate. We feel the need to be aesthetically pleasing to everyone. To look like the girls on posters and in magazines. To be tall and skinny like models.

The beauty industry makes billions each year from our insecurities. We buy products that we don’t need to change the way we look, when the way we look is already beautiful and natural.

Our focus should not be on how we look but how we act. How we treat each other and talk to each other. Those are the truly important things in life. Connecting with people.

I’m not saying that no one should wear makeup, but think about why you are wearing it. Why you are doing what you’re doing each morning as you get ready to leave the house. Does it benefit you? Does it strengthen you and make you a better person? If not then why do it? Life is short and we should not be spending our time trying to fit into false constructs of society.

We should be ourselves. Ignore the boundaries, rules and regulations that society has set up. Break them down, look around and ask yourself what you want to do. And do it.

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