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Read 13 Year Old Rowan Blanchard’s Essay About White Feminism

Feminism has a new front woman and she’s a little younger than you’d think…

Rowan Blanchard was previously best known for her role as Riley on Disney’s “Girl Meets World” TV show. But now she is making herself a prominent figure for feminist activism – at only 13 years old.

A fan recently asked her, via social media, what her thoughts on ‘white feminism’ were and how everyday feminism can often neglect women of colour and transgender women. Rowan’s remarkable and inspiring 3-part response shares her thoughts on the matter. And for all this to come from a girl as young as her I think it is safe to safe the next generation is moving in the right direction.

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Blanchard received praise from the likes of Emma Watson, actress and advocate for gender equality, who tweeted Rowan saying “This is called ‘hitting the nail on the head'”.

In her essay, Rowland cites law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw and Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, who has spoken frequently about cultural appropriation and the double standard surrounding black female sexuality.

“I am not shy to speak my mind on anything, and I encourage my fans to be the same. I want teens my age to know that they have a voice and it should not be silenced,” Rowan writes on her Instagram blog page. She also notes she works with HeForShe, which is the UN Women’s Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality.

Rowan also shared her thoughts about being labelled a “crazy feminist” with Entertainment Weekly saying, “I think every female actress knew it, and they all knew that it was happening, but nobody wanted to say anything because they were just like, ‘Okay, you know what, I still got paid; it wasn’t as much, but I still got paid,’” she began. “Society was telling them that if you speak out you’re going to be labeled, like, this feminist crazy person, difficult, difficult to work with — and that, in itself, is very sexist. All these female actresses are literally labeled difficult to work with because, God forbid, they have an opinion.”

Check out more from this inspiring teen on her Instagram @rowanblanchard

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