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BREAKING: Tequila is good for you so grab a lemon and some salt

Most people probably associate tequila with blackout nights, hangovers and the god-awful bitterness of biting into a lemon wedge. However, there have been a lot of studies proving that this clear or amber coloured liquid has a tonne of health benefits.

Tequila is distilled beverage that comes from the region of Tequila, about 65km northwest of Guadalajara, and is derived from the blue agave plant. In its native country of Mexico, it is served neat, but the rest of the world chase it with lemon and salt. The city of Tequila is built on red volcanic soil which makes for the perfect conditions for blue agave. If your aim is to get white, or silver, tequila the final process it undergoes is distillation. For aged or rested tequila, it needs to be matured in 200-litre oak barrels for between 2 and 12 months.

So, how come every time I drink tequila does it taste like lighter fluid and results in the loss of one shoe, my house keys, and dignity? Tequila is a high-grade alcoholic beverage, the better the quality,  the fewer impurities it contains. A lot of the cheaper brands mix it with sugary alcohol, and that’s what gives you those epic hangovers.

Some of the many health benefits of tequila include:

It can help with weightloss

Tequila contains a special type of sugar called agavins that don’t raise your blood sugar levels and actually allows calories to pass through unused. This sugar also raises your metabolic rate and helps dissolve fats.

It’s a probiotic

Probiotics are the good bacteria that thrive in the intestines and aid digestion. Apparently, tequila is one of them, in small amounts of course. The fructans in tequila can supply probiotics to our gut and this helps keep our immune system in check.

It’s also a prebiotic

A small amount of good quality tequila before your dinner can actually help your digestive tract and allow for the growth of probiotics.

It can help with osteoporosis

The agavins mentioned earlier don’t just help your metabolism, but they also help the body absorb calcium and can, therefore, help prevent fragile or brittle bones.

It can reduce the risk of dementia

Studies have shown that people who drink small amounts of tequila as being less likely to develop dementia later in life.

It fights insomnia

The makeup of tequila includes relaxing properties, which for those who have drunk it in the past can argue it’s a little too relaxing. However, these properties relax your nerves and this can help you get to sleep. Although, obviously, it’s not best to depend on an alcoholic substance to get to bed.

It won’t give you a hangover

Sound like rubbish, but if you drink the high shelf “100% pure agave” tequila, it won’t leave you with a thumping head the next day.


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