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A Beginner’s Guide: What are chakras and are they important?

A Chakra, sometimes referred to as a Cakka or Cakra, is a centre of energy in your spiritual body. This concept is typically found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and is a central focus in yoga, meditation, and energy channeling. There are seven chakras that run down the centre of the body, from the very top of the head to the base of your spine.

It is believed that if all of your energy centres (chakras) are “in balance” then your physical body will be completely aligned with your spiritual body – and this is the key to good health, or so they say.

The chakras are often associated with your “aura”, and your dominant chakra is the colour of your aura.

Each chakra is associated with an aspect of human awareness and act as a “vehicle of consciousness”. They are often compared to the five senses as they act as a metaphysical system.

The 7 Chakras:

The Crown Chakra – Violet

  • Location: crown of the head
  • Deals with: higher consciousness, enlightenment, transcendence
  • Aims to: inspire higher reason and awareness
  • Affirmation: ‘I am’

Third-Eye Chakra – Indigo

  • Location: forehead between the eyes
  • Deals with: intuition and understanding
  • Aims to: create a “sixth sense” and inspire imagination
  • Affirmation: ‘I know’

Throat Chakra – Blue

  • Location: neck and throat
  • Deals with: creativity, communication, healing
  • Aims to: let you do things without fear
  • Affirmation: ‘I speak’

Heart Chakra – Green

  • Location: chest
  • Deals with: love, balance, forgiveness, connection
  • Aims to: let you give and receive love and kindness
  • Affirmation: ‘I love’

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

  • Location: stomach
  • Deals with: inner strength, vitality, self-control
  • Aims to: instill confidence
  • Affirmation: ‘I can’

Sacral Chakra – Orange

  • Location: lower abdomen (2 inches below the navel)
  • Deals with: creativity, sexuality, desire
  • Aims to: help you ‘go with the flow’
  • Affirmation: ‘I feel’

Root Chakra – Red

  • Location: base of the spine
  • Deals with: support, positivity, balance
  • Aims to: connect you with the earth
  • Affirmation: ‘I do’

In order to align your chakras or mediate on specific ones check out this link for more information. 

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