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Interview with British model and rising star Emma Silverton

Jet-setter, Instagram sensation, and nicknamed “the Noodle”, 19-year-old Emma Silverton is a South African born British model on the rise. With her unique style and witty captions, it’s no wonder she has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.  Cara from Mira chatted with her about how she was discovered, beauty tips, travelling and more.

You go by the nickname, the Human Noodle, how did that begin?

Well, actually my friends decided to call me that because I dance with absolutely no coordination and sort of just let my limbs flail about a lot, that along with being long and slim created the nickname Emma the Noodle.

How were you discovered? 

When I was 17 I went to London for the day and was in Topshop with my dad looking for jeans. a woman called Leah Hibbert stopped me and asked me if I’d ever considered modelling and if I minded having my photos taken to send to agencies. I thought it was a joke, but alas I was wrong haha. @londonmodelscout is now my mother agent.

What is your funniest modelling memory? 

Probably when I was backstage at my first show and they had to cut me out of my underwear in front of Anna Wintour!

Being from South Africa originally, but living in the UK for some time, how do you align your nationality?

I usually say I’m a gypsy or a nomad to people I meet for the first time and proceed to tell them that I’m a bit of “here and there”. Growing up, my dad was a mining engineer so we really travelled around a lot. Which is probably why I don’t mind travelling so much for my job; I don’t get homesick at all!

What is your favourite beauty product or beauty tip? 

My favourite product is Embryolisse (facial moisturiser) which every makeup artist I know uses. It’s incredible. Beauty tip would have to be less is more. No one thinks this about themselves, but natural is so much more beautiful and it’s just empowering.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

If I’m in LA, I love to explore and meet up with my friends or go to fitness classes. Reformer pilates is killer, I recommend. Being that I just located to a new city and I’m kind of alone, I love to walk around and explore with my headphones in, just listening to podcasts or new music. Big fan of ‘Discover Weekly’ on Spotify. Otherwise, I’ll read. I just finished The Girl on the Train which was really captivating but pretty dark.

You love travelling and are in Sydney at the moment, what is your favourite city and why?

Yes, I really love travelling! I’ve been in Sydney just over two weeks now. It’s a little daunting being in a brand new place and not knowing anyone but it kind of tests your skills as a person in many ways. Being able to adapt and navigate easily in a new place is something I’ve become very skilled in; as well as meeting new people.

Oh man favourite city… that’s tough! I love New York City a lot, the fast pace of the place is very exciting, but LA is so relaxing and has incredible weather. Also, the sociability of being in LA is something I really enjoy – so will have to draw on both of those.

You can follow Emma on her aptly named Instagram @emmathenoodle

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