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Interview with British model and rising star Emma Silverton

Jet-setter, Instagram sensation, and nicknamed "the Noodle", 19-year-old Emma Silverton is a South African born British model on the rise. With her unique style and witty captions, it's no wonder she has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.  Cara from Mira chatted with her about how she was discovered, beauty

What do your dreams say about your day to day life?

Dreaming Woman

Dreams have been an interest for humans since the beginning of time. Why do they happen? What do they mean? Many people brush off dreams as your sleeping mind creating images of things you have thought about or seen during your busy day. But, for the Surrealist art movement, dreams

Ethically aware brands say it’s time to care about what you wear

Is fast fashion on its way out? Ethically aware brands think so. The cheap materials, quality and questionable sourcing and manufacturing of products is beginning to outweigh the appealing price tags amongst many people, specifically the millennial demographic. The old quality over quantity issue is resurfacing and brands are encouraged

Perfectly summery vegan recipes

Okay, it's the UK so it's not really summer... but that doesn't mean our food can't be a bit more colourful and fun, right?? Here are 5 great vegan recipes by 5 great chefs to cheer up the gloomiest of summer days or take center stage at the BBQ. Cream Cheeze

BREAKING: Tequila is good for you so grab a lemon and some salt

Most people probably associate tequila with blackout nights, hangovers and the god-awful bitterness of biting into a lemon wedge. However, there have been a lot of studies proving that this clear or amber coloured liquid has a tonne of health benefits. Tequila is distilled beverage that comes from the region of Tequila,

Volvo to ditch diesel and petrol cars by 2019

Car conglomerate Volvo has made a recent statement that they will be the first to give up environmentally unfriendly diesel and petrol cars by 2019. Last year the company sold nearly 50,000 cars in the U.K. alone. Their new range of cars will be powered by battery or be an

Why Willow Smith’s music is worth keeping an eye on

Seven years have gone by since the annoyingly catchy 'Whip My Hair' single was released by Willow Smith. The daughter of celebrity royalty, Will and Jada Smith, has since been quietly releasing music into the ether - well, on YouTube and SoundCloud to be precise. Her channel 'Frequencies by Willow Smith'

Best independent restaurants and cafes in Bristol

WOKYKO Located in Bristol's new harbourside development, Wapping Warf, Wokyko is a small Asian diner set up in one of the shipping containers that make up Cargo. The restaurant was set up by MasterChef finalist Larkin Cen. You can enjoy fresh meals that embody the flavours and spirit of Asian cuisine,

Great New Cruelty-Free Beauty Products for Spring

Spring is more or less here, so here are a few cruelty-free beauty products to check out this season! Pixi, Sun Mist - £18 A gorgeous, light-weight sun mist with chamomile and bamboo extracts SPF 30 to protect your beautiful face on these sunny spring days! Lush, Feeling Younger Skin Tint, £12 For glowing

Great British Bake Off is back and Twitter lost its mind

isn't it great how despite the UK falling apart, we all come together to enjoy #GBBO — lauren keeley Ⓥ (@laurenofthesea) August 24, 2016 Val is a little crazy, Kate like swallows, Tom likes the booze, and everyone wants to date Selasi. The show returned for its seventh season last night with a

A vegan in London… Where to shop & eat

Here is a list of my most recent 'tried-and-tested' vegan restaurants in London: Cook Daily - BOXPARK, Shoreditch If you're in Shoreditch and looking for an informal setting for great food and drink look no further than BoxPark. Made up of old shipping containers it serves as a pop-up mall for independent