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Why the Dairy Industry Should Become a Feminist Issue

So, you're talking about feminism and... cheese? What's the link?  All it takes is a little shift in perspective for the two to form a connection in your mind. I grew up believing that dairy was an essential part of a healthy diet. From 'Got Milk?' adverts, tv commercials and even the

Why You Should Skip The Turkey This Holiday Season

In 2013, more than 240.0 million turkeys were bred for slaughter. More than 200 million were consumed in the United States alone. We estimate that 46 million of those turkeys were eaten at Thanksgiving, 22 million at Christmas and 19 million at Easter. Nearly 88 percent of Americans surveyed by the

10 reasons to go vegan

1. Get in shape and get energized Yes, energized! Read it and weep. Here I am defying the stereotype that vegans are a weak, grey, shrivelled excuse for a human being. People who follow a vegan diet are in fact far more energetic and find themselves easily keeping off any excess fat.