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Interview with British model and rising star Emma Silverton

Jet-setter, Instagram sensation, and nicknamed "the Noodle", 19-year-old Emma Silverton is a South African born British model on the rise. With her unique style and witty captions, it's no wonder she has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.  Cara from Mira chatted with her about how she was discovered, beauty

What do your dreams say about your day to day life?

Dreaming Woman

Dreams have been an interest for humans since the beginning of time. Why do they happen? What do they mean? Many people brush off dreams as your sleeping mind creating images of things you have thought about or seen during your busy day. But, for the Surrealist art movement, dreams

Volvo to ditch diesel and petrol cars by 2019

Car conglomerate Volvo has made a recent statement that they will be the first to give up environmentally unfriendly diesel and petrol cars by 2019. Last year the company sold nearly 50,000 cars in the U.K. alone. Their new range of cars will be powered by battery or be an

Why Willow Smith’s music is worth keeping an eye on

Seven years have gone by since the annoyingly catchy 'Whip My Hair' single was released by Willow Smith. The daughter of celebrity royalty, Will and Jada Smith, has since been quietly releasing music into the ether - well, on YouTube and SoundCloud to be precise. Her channel 'Frequencies by Willow Smith'

“It’s not about the food” – Eating disorders: a misnomer

Rachel Clifton, an 18-year-old student from London, writes a compelling description of her battle with mental health issues; specifically, her eating disorder. "Growing up in London, a city known for its ethnic and cultural diversity and relative liberalism, I am yet to find someone who hasn’t heard the term “eating disorder.” While

Things You Never Knew About Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was more than just meets the brows. The Mexican artist had a life full of pain, romance and above all, powerful artistic talent. But here are a few things you might not have known... She was born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón: she only changed her name to Frieda

Borderline Personality Disorder: A sufferer tells her story

Guest author, Eleni Zachariou, of the blog Unapologetic Empathetic, tells her story about being a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder, along with troubling the stigma associated the mental illness and what people might not know. "Over the past few years mental health awareness has boomed and campaigns have appeared everywhere promoting

Lady Gaga’s shocking selfie to be cover of V Magazine

Lady Gaga has had more than a dozen covers of V Magazine's Pre-Spring Issue, and her most recent is especially steamy. In an intimate photo, Lady Gaga poses nude with her fiancé of almost a year, Taylor Kinney. The two are seated on a paint-splattered canvas, coiled around each other, after having apparently made

Pink: When Did It Become All About Women?

Colour symbolism is highly culture-specific and changeable. Consider, for example, that white was the traditional colour of mourning in Japan at the same time that black had the same meaning for most of Europe. It is clear that in most of Europe and America in the 19th century and early