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Great New Cruelty-Free Beauty Products for Spring

Spring is more or less here, so here are a few cruelty-free beauty products to check out this season! Pixi, Sun Mist - £18 A gorgeous, light-weight sun mist with chamomile and bamboo extracts SPF 30 to protect your beautiful face on these sunny spring days! Lush, Feeling Younger Skin Tint, £12 For glowing

Why Makeup Shouldn’t Make Up Who We Are

Why do I wake up each morning and apply thick foundation and concealer to my face? To contour my cheekbones and make sure my eyebrows are 'on point'? Why do I apply black eyeliner and mascara that is near impossible to remove? Why do I cover up and conceal and change myself? I'm

Chizu Saeki and the Japanese Art of Beauty

"The art of beauty is all about strength of mind. When people realize how beautiful their skin is, their minds change completely. They have different smiles. In fact, your attitude completely changes when you realize how beautiful you are. Your choice of clothes changes, and you feel confident and energized

Protection: Scars, Flaws and All Our Little Imperfections

The drive and the need for perfection is ever raging and all consuming. The physical being can no longer just be content in his or her own skin. We search for flaws, the desire to rid ourselves of any imperfections, scars and physical marks is increasingly epidemic. Are we trying to