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Pink: When Did It Become All About Women?

Colour symbolism is highly culture-specific and changeable. Consider, for example, that white was the traditional colour of mourning in Japan at the same time that black had the same meaning for most of Europe. It is clear that in most of Europe and America in the 19th century and early

Artist of the Week: Kate Shaw

"My practice aims to convey ideas of nature, alchemy and cycles of creation/destruction" says Shaw. Kate Shaw is an artist from Melbourne who has caught our attention thanks to her vibrant and mesmerising canvases. In 2014 she exhibited her work in London and Hong Kong, the latter has led to a

Artist of the Week: Katharina Grosse

   If you have to see only one artist's work this week, let it be Katharna's. The German artist who deals primarily with bright sprayed acrylics that create large-scale, often room sized, landscape-esque environments of colour. Grosse's focus is the overwhelming dynamic between being so small in such a big

Artist of the Week: Can Pekdemir

  “To begin any work of art is a tremendous act of violence, if the Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke is to be believed. In Pekdemir’s creative process, he finds the hardest part comes just one step before, while the final image is just a distant dream and the initial thought