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Year Abroad: Day 4&5

After a very long morning of waiting over 50 minutes for a bus to work in the blazing Italian sun I arrived at Piazza del Popolo very sweaty and not at all ready for work. The work itself went very well and my boss gave me a ticket to the

Year Abroad: Day 2&3

On Wednesday I woke up early and ate breakfast on my balcony in the already scorching heat before I left for work. Okay, a bowl of cereal and water is not the most Italian of breakfasts - but hey, I only got here on Tuesday so the cupboards are bare

Year Abroad: Day 1

The big day has arrived - the day I start my year abroad.. I was overwhelmed with excitement until I realised that my morning began at 5 am. The excitement dwindled from there. But, after a few (dozen) coffees, airport breakfast and an extremely turbulent Easyjet flight I arrived at