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Naples: The Dos and Don’ts

The past weekend for me was an absolute whirlwind of travel, sightseeing and confused map reading. On Friday a few friends and I set off on the fast train from Rome to Naples, already with a jam packed itinerary ahead of us to see Pompeii and Sorrento all before sunrise

Year Abroad: Marino Wine Festival

Situated on the hills above Rome, the sleepy town of Marino wakes up once a year on the 4th of October to 100,000 people descending upon it. The festival began in 1925 by local poet Leone Ciprelli and since then has grown in fame. The day is held to celebrate

Year Abroad: Day 4&5

After a very long morning of waiting over 50 minutes for a bus to work in the blazing Italian sun I arrived at Piazza del Popolo very sweaty and not at all ready for work. The work itself went very well and my boss gave me a ticket to the

Year Abroad: Day 2&3

On Wednesday I woke up early and ate breakfast on my balcony in the already scorching heat before I left for work. Okay, a bowl of cereal and water is not the most Italian of breakfasts - but hey, I only got here on Tuesday so the cupboards are bare

Year Abroad: Day 1

The big day has arrived - the day I start my year abroad.. I was overwhelmed with excitement until I realised that my morning began at 5 am. The excitement dwindled from there. But, after a few (dozen) coffees, airport breakfast and an extremely turbulent Easyjet flight I arrived at

Year Abroad: Milan

Sitting at homeĀ in the rain-soaked Isle of Man, I can only dream of sipping Campari in Milan a mere couple weeks ago... After leaving Rome I spent a few days in Milan before flying back to Gatwick. Travel weary and disoriented we made our way to the Duomo (which is

Year Abroad: When in Rome…

Sorry for being MIA the last few days... The wifi has been shoddy, I've been busy... but really I've just been having way to much fun to face sitting down and writing about it just yet! We arrived in Rome two days ago at a quirky hotel just a ten minute

Year Abroad: Orvieto

Today we drove up to the hillside town of Orvieto, kidding ourselves that we were there to see the cultural sites, when really all we had on our minds was pizza! However, I must say that once you eventually make it up to Orvieto (after taking a steep uphill train and

Year Abroad: Broken Showers and Broken Italian

Immediately after waking up this morning I was flung (groggy and pyjama clad) into a conversation with the landlord... Who of course, like everyone in this village, does not speak a word of English. My dad ushered me out the door with instructions to convey an issue with a broken shower...

Year Abroad: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

I have a confession to make... I'm an Italy virgin. Last night, stepping out of my (obviously very delayed) easyjet flight, I experienced my first glimpse of Italy. As we neared fourteen hours of travel we finally reached our hotel; situated in a coastal city just outside of Rome. My first