A Cristal Lighting Brass Chandelier Collection Is All You Need

by Lorraine

From shiny and fancy to dull gold, a brass chandelier is a ‘must-have’ fixture that you need in your home. They’re here to improve your home’s lightings and add a dazzling effect to your interior.

Buying a brass chandelier is a foolproof decision you can make. With a whole collection of these fixtures from Cristal Lighting, you’re really in for a surprise!

Brass chandeliers have become interior design stalwarts, appearing everywhere from the pages of publications to the trendy Instagram accounts. They are available in a variety of styles to suit every taste: modern, classic, industrial, and rustic.

However, they are not lights that should fade into the background. They’re to stand out and make your interior look pleasing. Nowadays, a brass chandelier has become a need for finishing space in your house.

Different Styles of a Brass Chandelier

 If you’ve decided about wanting a brass chandelier, your next step should be to decide which style to go for. We’ve listed the most popular ones so you may go through them and pick one according to your preferences.

When you go chandelier shopping, one of the most intriguing features is to examine each fixture and then select one that complements your home décor.

1. Modern Chandelier Style

This design became popular in the 19th century and lasted until the 1980s which makes means it’s a recent style. After the end of modernism, the contemporary era started. So, these two shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

The styles focused solely on creating designs that were simple yet functional. The distinguishing features include horizontal lines with basic curves and lights that give a minimalistic outlook.

2. Traditional Chandelier Style

Traditional lighting goes back to a time when cultural standards were more formal and so interior designing was more formal. As a result, it’s a timeless aesthetic that can never go out of style.

The classic chandeliers emphasize intricate designs and appearances, and complex construction. They’re extremely beautiful and luxurious in their form.

3. Rustic Chandelier Style

These fixtures evoke a sense of simpler and more rustic eras. They encompass rustic materials like bronze, zinc, and brass to appear antique. They don’t have any crystals and focus on the design’s neutrality and simplicity. This provides the impression of a farmhouse in the countryside or the French countryside.

4. Industrial Chandelier Style

This style is an interpretation of factory lighting of the 19th century. It’s a trend that majorly focuses on the aesthetic and simplicity of old factories and the lighting system they had. These chandeliers are composed of dark-toned woods with metals and iron to give them a spectacularly finished look. The materials used for the making of these chandeliers are strong and long-lasting.

These chandeliers can be paired with modern and country interior designs to make them appeal more to the viewers.


A brass chandelier may make an excellent accent to your living room, dining room, or entryway. The wonderful thing about these chandeliers is that they are long-lasting. The antiques may be polished again to restore their original brilliance and sheen.

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