Brief introduction to Outdoor Flexible LED Displays

by Lorraine

Not many people know that LED screen date back as far as the ’60s. However, in those days, LED technology was still largely in development and was not available for commercial use. Fast forward sixty years, and LED screens are nothing like in those days. Even in their wildest dreams, scientists couldn’t even imagine the extent of LED technology’s evolution.

Nowadays, outdoor flexible LED displays represent one of the finest examples of how far LED display technology has advanced. Some of the key features that make the outdoor flexible led display so special include:

  • Outdoor flexible led displays come in all shapes and sizes, which is quite convenient for most businesses. The general rule of thumbs is, the greater the led display, the more it costs, and vice versa.
  • Outdoor flexible led displays present a dynamic advertising method that beats all the drawbacks of billboards. Led displays can support almost any type of video content, and it is super easy to make adjustments. Nowadays, almost all led displays are accompanied by user-friendly UI to help you upload your content, customize the led display settings, and run your content for as long as you wish.
  • LED displays also happen to be one of the most efficient ones on the market. Meaning, they won’t hijack your electrical bill even if you let your led display run all day long. 
  • The best outdoor flexible led displays feature a water-resistant rating and withstand a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. 
  • Outdoor flexible led displays can run high definition videos consistently over long periods. 
  • Advertising campaigns on outdoor flexible led displays can be easily switched. You can show one type of ads in the morning, in the afternoon some other type, and the evening something completely different.

Why and who should invest in an outdoor flexible LED display?

Every brick & mortar business interested in advertising its products and/or services can use an outdoor flexible LED display. 2020 was a dreadful year for most brick & mortar businesses. However, with the coronavirus vaccines’ introduction, we are on track to be back to our normal way of living in 2021.

That means we will see many more people on the streets as restrictions and lockdowns will be gradually left in the past. That is good news for brick & mortar businesses.

Once again, brick & mortar businesses will become competitors with each other. And that’s when street marketing will decide who gets more customers and who is left on the sidelines. 

A vibrant, flexible LED display is one of the few advertisement tools that can attract people’s attention. After all, only a big shining display can make them look away from their smartphones, even for a moment, and make them wonder what you got there.

And it is in those brief moments when you’ve awakened their curiosity and got their attention you will be able to convey your message. On the other hand, a poster, or even a billboard these days, won’t have them looking twice.

So, the choice is clear – a vibrant and dynamic presentation or an old fashioned approach.

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