Here is why you should consider jumping rope?

by Lorraine

Most people who stop exercising not long after they started often do so because of the stress involved in it. Sometimes getting the summer body or just keep fit can be rather expensive. This is why jumping rope is a highly recommended exercise. It is not only cheap but it is cost-effective.

Corde a sauter is the French translation for jumping rope. Jumping rope is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy while having fun. Jumping rope allows you to re-live your childhood experiences and at a reasonable cost cost-effective.

If you haven’t considered jumping rope before, here are some reasons why you should.

Some advantages of jumping rope

1. Enhances weight loss without diet

Jumping rope is an effective way to lose weight without a diet. When you skip you burn approximately 10 calories in a minute. So the longer you skip the more calories you can burn down and the more weight you lose in the process.

2. It is cost-effective

Unlike other cardio exercises that require a lot of money to acquire the equipment needed for them, jumping rope only requires you to get a jumping rope. When compared with other cardio exercises, you discover that the price difference is much. Plus, you don’t have to go to the gym to skip. You can skip within the confines of your home.

3. Re-live childhood experiences

Getting to re-live childhood experiences can be very fun. It brings back so many memorable experiences and this encourages you to skip. So you are exercising and having fun at the same time.

4. Jumping rope is a full body work out

Yes, you read that right. Jumping rope is a full-body workout. When you skip you burn calories. Its effect on the body is holistic and it encourages weight loss.

5. It improves both cardiac output and respiratory rate

Cardiac output is the amount of blood being pumped out by the heart per unit of time. Respiratory rate is the rate at which you breathe. When you skip you don’t just burn calories but you exercise your heart and improving the capacity of your lungs in the process. Your heartbeat, your cardiac output, and the rate at which you breathe improve tremendously.

6. You do not need to be an expert to start jumping rope

Jumping rope for weight loss or to stay healthy doesn’t require you to be an expert. Provided you have a jumping rope and you can jump, you are ready to skip. Your stamina and coordination will improve as you continue exercising.

7. Jumping rope is a wonderful alternative to running

If because of security or other personal reasons you do not wish to run around your neighborhood you can skip. Jumping rope has the same effect running has on the body.

8. Jumping rope improves muscle tone

Muscle tone is the tension of a resting muscle. Your muscle tone determines the speed at which your muscle responds to external stimuli. Constant jumping rope improves your muscle tone with time.


So provided you eat a healthy food ration and you are consistent with your jumping rope routine, you’ll soon start seeing the effect of jumping rope on your body.

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