How To Shop For Different Types Of Home Office Chairs

by Lorraine

A home office chair is among the furniture types that suit your home workspace. After settling on a desk, the next step is getting the perfect chair that fits the room style-wise and is also functional. You can choose from the many styles, with varying prices, so it all depends on your taste and preferences. In this write-up, we expound on facts about home office chairs.

Facts About Home Office Chairs

We look at two facts concerning this type of furniture: how to shop for it and the various types you can find in the market.

a. How to Shop for Home Office Chairs

You will spend most hours on this chair; hence several factors such as comfort should be considered.

1.  Material

Office chairs are made of different materials like wood, metal, and hard plastic. Choose one that’s easy to maintain, durable and blends with other furniture. The fabric used should be mesh-like to promote breathability and flow of air. Also, padding is a bonus for increased comfort and prevents body aches.

2. Adjustable Features

It’s best if features like the height, arm, and backrest can be adjusted. On a tall desk, you’ll need to adjust the height to use the desktop effectively. An inclined backrest helps to move from the normal upright position and relax. You can adapt to any position you wish when necessary for maximum productivity.

3. Lower back Support

Prolonged sitting on a poorly design chair can cause chronic back pains resulting in frequent hospital visits. Lumbar support is a component that pivots your back and can be adjusted to fit you. It takes the shape of your spine, providing ergonomic and structural support.

4. Depth of the Chair

 The ideal depth differs from person to person. Ensure it can accommodate the width and depth of your choice. Your knees should at least be two inches from the chair’s edge.

5. Casters

Wheeled chairs are suitable for movement, especially with long desks like executive and L-shaped desks.

b. Types of Home Office Chairs

1. Ergonomic Chairs

Other than height, they have modified characteristics such as lumbar support, depth, adjustable tilt tension, and swiveling. Their design helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders caused by sitting.

2. Task Chairs

They are entirely covered with cushioning, i.e., the seatback, and armrest and have carters for easy movement.

3. Executive Chairs

Like executive desks, the chairs are statement pieces and have a high back, and perfect for larger rooms. They have a lot of cushioning and are made of high-quality materials like leather and fine wood. The legs are made from superior steel and have wheels.

4. Drafting Chairs

They are an excellent choice for standing or tall desks. The user can transition from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa without affecting the workflow. They have adjustable height and support your back limba and weight. They are known for having a foot ring to place your legs for support.

5. Folding Chairs

They are suitable for a small office since they can fold and stored away. However, they are not as comfortable as others but can be used for a few hours.


Furniture shops have many home office chair styles. Pick one that suits you and fits its intended purpose. Some additional factors that you should consider include the price, quality, and color.

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