Is Jumping Rope Good For Weight Loss Management?

by Lorraine

There are different types of exercises that you can try out, and they include jumping a rope. Such an exercise can be more preferable as compared to various forms of cardio. You would need a jumping rope in that case.

According to some studies conducted by healthcare professionals in different sectors, jumping a rope will help improve your cardiovascular fitness the same as other exercises, including jogging.

What is jumping the rope (corde a sauter) good for?

1. Burning Calories

If you jump the rope for at least 15 minutes, you will burn an average of 200 to 300 calories. Note, such might be more than you can burn as you take part in cardio exercises. 

Rope jumping ensures that all the major muscles work as you skip the rope. The exercise can be termed to be thermogenic, and you will create a significant amount of heat in the body. The body will burn more fat as it produces more energy, which means you will burn more calories.

As a beginner, the first two minutes will be immensely challenging. Your heart rate will be high, and you will need to maintain the amount of energy that your muscles are producing. The number of burned calories will also increase, and your body’s energy systems will be challenged.

2. Improving Coordination

While rope jumping, you will realize that the exercise requires a lot of coordination. With time, you will manage more advanced moves, such as swinging the rope twice during each jump. 

Different body parts will communicate with each other to complete the movement during the rope jumping process. The feet are supposed to jump in time as the wrists also rotate such that there will be continuous jumping.

For children suffering from autism, rope jumping helps to improve motor coordination. When you get used to such exercises, your coordination and balance will improve. 

3. The Injury Risks are Reduced

As your coordination improves, there is a low likelihood of getting hurt as you exercise. Rope jumping ensures the lower and upper body movements will coordinate such that you will be more agile.

4. Improving the Heart Health

As you jump the rope, your heart health will improve. During the rope jumping exercise, you also take in more oxygen. 

As per the studies conducted in the past, if you engage in rope jumping twice daily, your functional movement will improve significantly compared to the people who engage in a regular fitness routine. 

If you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, rope jumping is also a suitable form of exercise. Your body fat will reduce, and your pulse rate is better, which is favorable for your heart health.

5. The Bone Density Will Be Stronger

Rope jumping ensures that your bones are stronger. The bone density measures typically how strong your bones are. A better bone density will ensure that your risk of experiencing osteoporosis as you grow older.

As per the studies conducted in the past, rope jumping has helped improve bone density. A comparison was conducted between those who engage in rope jumping and those who don’t.

If you have weak bones, you should try out rope jumping. Besides improving heart health, your bone density will also improve.


Jumping rope might be your lee way to better health. If you’re planning to purchase one, make sure you buy one made of quality material and buy from a credible online or physical store.

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