Organic Scottish Skincare Ishga

by Lorraine

Think seaweed, think green and slimy. But don’t judge this baby on its appearance because, did you know the seaweed, and in particular Scottish seaweed has been scientifically proven to be good for your skin? But before you head down to your closest beach to gathering up swathes of seaweed, there is a easier way to get the seaweed skin benefits thanks to the fab Scottish skincare brand- ishga.

Based on the Isle of Lewis, the name ishga comes from the Gaelic word for water and the sparkling waters of Lewis are amongst the cleanest in the world. The waters there are rich in minerals, containing 83 elements from the periodic table and have been rubber stamped with the highest quality classification available by SEPA – Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the range also uses Hebridean Healing Spring water. Whilst these are impressive ingredients, it’s what is at the heart of ishga which is truly splendid for skin: local hand-harvested seaweed. High in natural antioxidants called Polyphenols, these help protect skin by neutralising free radicals which can make skin appear dry, dull and more wrinkled.

The range is currently made up of smattering of luxurious products including a cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser, a serum and a face mask all of which feature a trademark smell which reminded me of the sea with a lovely fresh, clean scent. All are really effective but mild, so don’t strip skin of moisture. The cleansing lotion in particular is luxurious, and left my skin feeling cleansed but without that tight feeling some products can produce, and the same is true of the toner which avoids drying out skin.

The moisturiser is rich and luxurious without overwhelming skin – a tricky combination – and includes organic ingredients such as shea butter, apricot kernel oil, thistle oil and aloe vera concentrate. And I found the serum a great way for me to replenish skin without clogging up the pores. And then there’s the exfoliating face mask. Dark and granualar one whiff of this and I’m transported to the shores of Lewis; the peaty, earthy scent thick in the air. Using this has left my skin noticeably brighter and smoother and along with the rest of the range not at all dry; all in all I’ve been really impressed with the results. And given that it is a homegrown brand all the more reason to support this range.

Now is the time of year when baths and candles seem just the tonic. And these are great products to help recreate a relaxing pampering session all in the comfort of your own home. But for those who do want to professionally pamper themselves- and why not – the luxurious Blytheswood Square Spa in Glasgow has launched a luxurious range of ishga spa treatments, which include massage, facial and the intriguing-sounding Scottish Seaweed bath. This treatment features a special bath with fresh, hand harvested seaweed from the Hebridean coast, rich in minerals and vitamins and helps to get rid of toxins and cleanse the body. For more info head to

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