What are the Pros and Cons of an Electric Pressure Washer?

by Lorraine

When it comes to types of pressure washers, the electric pressure washers are gradually serving as a more affordable option. They are often made out of quality materials and can clean perfectly, just like its counterparts.

In recent times, many people are skeptical about purchasing electric pressure washers. That’s because the gasoline engine generally powers other models of pressure washers. If you’re still confused about this electric model, this guide elaborates on its pros and cons.

Advantages of Electric Pressure Washer

These are some of the reasons why you should purchase the electric pressure washer:

1. Works Well With a Hose Reel

One good thing about purchasing the electric pressure washer is that it can fit perfectly into a hose reel. With it, you don’t need to worry about where to fix the pressure washer hose.

2. Less Noise

This is one of the numerous pros of owning an electric pressure washer. It doesn’t emit lots of noise, which means that you should expect any found from its unit until the trigger is pulled.

If you live in an area with few occupants, this “less noise” will be more helpful as you don’t have to always disturb people in the neighborhood. But this isn’t the same with gasoline-powered washers, as its users don’t stop complaining about the level of noise that gets out of it.

2. Reduces Emissions

Emissions sent out from gasoline pressure washers are detrimental to the health of human beings. That’s one reason why an electric model is mostly the choice as it doesn’t give out a single emission. This makes it more convenient to use in a home surrounding by children.

3. Portability

It doesn’t burden you with the responsibility of lifting a heavy machine each time you want to perform some cleaning. This means that transporting it from one place to another is much easier.

4. Requires Little Maintenance

Owning an electric pressure washer means that you don’t have to spend most of your time cleaning or maintaining it. This also indicates that if you have little technical experience, this is the ideal companion you should have.

Instead of settling for a traditional hose, the electric pressure washer serves as the best alternative.

Disadvantages of Electric Pressure Washer

Here are a few downsides of purchasing an electric pressure hose washer:

1. Less Power

The less power feature that electric pressure washers come with prevents them from applying the required level of pressure while spraying. They also not be as durable and their gasoline-powered counterparts.

2. Carefulness

Because they are often made out of lighter plastics and not metals, you may need to apply lots of care when storing your electric pressure washer.

3. They Use Power Outlets

The fact that the electric pressure washer will always need to be connected to a power source makes choosing it a difficult decision.

Final Thoughts

You should thoroughly think through before opting to purchase a pressure washer. An electric option is the best to use if you only have a household and other small cleaning needs to attend to.

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