What Are The Uses Of Quartz?

by Lorraine

There are several naturally occurring rocks and minerals on the surface of the earth. Despite the large quantities, quartz still stands out as one of the most beautiful and the hardest mineral. The chemical and physical properties of quarts are useful. Some of these chemical properties include its electrical elements. These elements are the reasons why quarts is used in the manufacture of electronics.

Quartz is readily found in several locations on the surface of the earth. It is mostly extracted from igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary types of rocks. This means that the supply is plentiful and readily available.  Apart from the manufacture of white quartz slabs, there are several other uses of quartz that we will be discussing on this post.

  • Manufacture of kitchen counters

Quartz is a common metal used in making kitchen and bathroom counters. The fact that the material is nonporous and has a smooth surface makes it the best countertop material. This is because it is easy to maintain, and it does not suffer damages like rots and chipping. The material also does not need to be combined with wax and other materials because it is naturally smooth.

  • Manufacture of Glass

Glass is not manufactured from a rock; it is made from sand-like material. The sand is obtained from quartz. During the production of glass, the sand made from quartz is arranged on a platform that takes the shape of the desired end product. The sand is then introduced to very high temperatures. The temperature causes the powder to transform into a solid. The resulting solid has a clear color and, at this point, is referred to as glass. The glass then undergoes several other processes depending on the intended material. For instance, it can undergo molding to make vases or other household items. Take note that all products that are made from glass are recyclable. The reason why this is so is that quartz is highly recyclable.

  • Manufacture of metal castings

Metal casting is a process through which liquid metal is delivered into specially designed molds. The aim is to produce an intended shape. Metal castings come in two categories (ferrous and non-ferrous). Metal castings are made using foundry sand.

On the other hand, quartz can be used as foundry sand. The feature of quartz that makes this possible is the heat and chemical resistance. Quartz also has a higher melting point than other metals.

  • Manufacture of watches

Most wristwatches are made from quartz. Most of these watches even have the name quartz stamped within its surface. The reason why the material is used to make watches is that it is sturdy and long-lasting.  It is also beautiful. Some people compare the beauty of quartz to that of a diamond. However, quartz is more affordable than other gemstones. The metal is also used in the manufacture of wall clocks.


Quartz is also used in the petroleum and the electricity industry. Also, it is used to make abrasive materials. Its applications keep increasing as the days go by. Meaning it is a valuable mineral that can get tasked to prepare several good things

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